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The Harriet Tubman
Architectural Design
Competition project

The emergence of a state-of-the-art edifice to showcase the creative talent and knowledge involving architectural students from three Universities in the United States. The successful implementation of this project will have global significance and impact on future generations.


The primary objective of this competition is to utilize and expand the vision of the W.V.S. Tubman University (TU) planned library site to design an Ebrary (digital, innovative and futuristic library) that will emerge as a state-of-the art edifice to showcase the creative talents and expertise of the winning participants. The successful implementation of this project shall have global significance and international impact future generations.

The Tubman University Foundation is initiating and organizing the project. It is a US based organization established for the sole purpose of “generating support for quality educational opportunity at W.V.S. Tubman University to transform lives in service to Liberia, Africa and the world”.


Partnering with Tubman University Foundation (TUF) to make this project a success is the architecture colleges of Howard, Tuskegee and Morgan State Universities. Participating students will benefit from an extraordinary experience in a new emerging marketplace. They will be challenged to create an innovative design model, taking into consideration local construction practices in West Africa and American concepts. The students will have the opportunity to travel to and explore Maryland County, Liberia.
This project will provide a unique and challenging experience to enhance creativity while exposing students to new design ideas and construction practices. They will have the opportunity to meet with local Architects, Engineers and Construction Companies which will help them understand the practicalities, efficiencies and deficiencies of the building industry in Liberia and Africa.

Senior architecture students from these universities will be challenged in using the planned site at W.V.S. Tubman University in Tubman Town, Maryland County, Liberia, and West Africa to design an Ebrary (digital, innovative and futuristic library) as their final studio project, and a design competition that will be judged by renowned architects from Africa and the United States.

The designs will be base on US Building best practices and materials, thereby showcasing American standards and influencing the design, engineering and construction industry in this part of the world with a new model utilizing American expertise.


Marylander for Progress (Liberia) Inc.

Pioneering Sponsors

W.V.S. Tubman University

Howard University, Morgan State University, Tuskegee University


The Tubman University Foundation is mobilizing resources from international donors to ensure the realization of the project’s vision which will impact the future role of American Architecture and bring 100,000 plus e-books with over 435 academic, trade and professional publishers via the internet to university students in Liberia and Africa.

Visit Tubman University’s website at www.tubmanu.edu.lr for Master Plan and other information about the School

If you would like to make a contribution in support of this project, please make your check payable to Marylanders for Progress and mail to:

Tubman University Foundation
2443 Fair Oaks Blvd., Suite 374
Sacramento, CA 95825

Email: WVSTFBoard@aol.com
Web: tubmanuniversityfdn.org
Telephone: (559) 994-2635

Categories of Sponsorship Opportunities:

  1. Launching of competition and  signing reception
  2. Cost of administering competition
  3. Students and faculty travel to Liberia (transportation, room and board at TU)
  4. Judges expenses
  5. Design winner Award Gala
  6. Construction of Ebrary
  7. Computers, books, cataloging for Ebrary
  8. Dedication ceremony (Naming of TU Ebrary)
  9. Commemorative gifts at kick off and end of competition

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